About Us

Hello, dear fashion enthusiasts!
Welcome to Fashionladystore, your own world of style. Perhaps you've already seen us on Instagram, filling your timeline with the hottest looks from the most glamorous women. But now, let's dive deeper into the story of FASHIONLADYSTORE.
Brand Background:
FASHIONLADYSTORE was founded in 2019, and the story begins with a passionate and creative woman – our founder, Li Ning. Hailing from Tianjin, China, she has always had a deep love for fashion and a belief that every woman should be able to wear what they love, whenever they want, radiating confidence and charm. Li Ning's dream was to make every woman feel beautiful and self-assured, whether it's a Monday morning outing or a Friday night party. With this conviction, she established FASHIONLADYSTORE, infusing her dreams into the brand, making it our soul and guiding star.
Development Stage:
Since its inception, FASHIONLADYSTORE has continued to grow. Through unwavering efforts, we expanded to an E-commerce Website in May 2022, providing a convenient and fast shopping experience for more fashion enthusiasts. This stage has been filled with challenges and achievements, but we firmly believe that by staying true to our roots and pushing forward, we can become a shining star in the fashion world.
Based in Tianjin:
FASHIONLADYSTORE is located in Tianjin, China, a city bursting with energy and potential. We chose this beautiful city to better serve you and to be inspired by the fashion-forward atmosphere that surrounds us.
Primary Product Category:
FASHIONLADYSTORE's primary product category is women's fashion. We're dedicated to providing women with a variety of trendy looks inspired by celebrities and runway shows. Whether it's carefully curated styles by fashion bloggers or everyday essentials, we have a range of clothing to meet your diverse needs. Our products not only focus on style but also emphasize comfort and practicality. We understand the relationship between fashion and confidence, and every woman deserves the best.
Ultimate Vision and Goals:
Our ultimate vision is to be every woman's fashion companion. Whether you're a trendsetter with a unique style or a career-oriented woman looking for practicality, we aspire to meet your fashion needs. We will continually strive to bring you fresh fashion inspiration and exquisite clothing, so you can confidently show your best self anytime, anywhere.
FASHIONLADYSTORE is not just a brand; it's a story of confidence, self-expression, and dreams. We invite you to join us on this fashion journey, together creating beautiful memories. Founder Li Ning, stay strong, it's time to live your best life.
Thank you for your support, and let's shine together!